HCFI strives to inspire and equip all those serving in the health field to manifest Christ in their daily life and work


The Father of the King of kings is preparing a Bride for His beloved Son. He wants all of us to be part of this Royal Love Story. It is also a Compassion Story because the King wants to express His Love for people in the health field through His Bride. Passionate about compassionate care for all the needs of whole humans in their entire context?

Who we are

We are a Fellowship of Christians who seek to collaborate with all people of good will to promote and practice compassionate care of whole human beings. Who?

What we do

Equipping care-givers to practice integral healthcare; Bringing care to those who are medically under-served; Promoting integral community health in both rural and urban situations. What?

Where we are

Together with our partners we are active in more than 120 countries, mainly in the following language areas: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese and German. Where?