Disciple Making Resources

People development and transformation is best done through disciple making processes. HCF promotes integral disciple making: intentionally multiplying maturing disciple makers who are committed to comprehensively live out the beliefs of Jesus Christ, simply because we love Him. 

Personal and Group Study Materials

Serving God in the Health Field is a series of studies for individuals and groups. The ideal way to use this material is for the personal studies to be done ahead of time and for the group members then to share with one another what they have learnt and how they are implementing what they have learnt. The group meetings can be held once every one or two weeks. 

Discovery Groups

Discovery Groups are all about discovering together what the Word of God has to say about Him and His kingdom. Discovery Groups need to meet every one or two weeks for the best results.

The main purpose of the meetings is to get to know God, to hear what He says and to decide how we will obey Him. That means that we learn to love God and our neighbor practically. Our neighbor is found mainly in our four social circles (relationship networks): family, faith community, work community and residential community.  Our neighbor needs to experience the love of God just as much as we do.

Each Discovery Group meeting is divided into three parts of about thirty minutes each: Look Back, Look Up and Look Forward. Below you will find a Discovery Group Outline that explains in more detail what happens in each of the three parts. 

Discovery Group - Word of God study series 

In the second part of the Discovery Group meetings various parts of the Word of God are explored together. Below are various series that can be used, depending on the stage of development of the Discovery Group. One of the most helpful series to begin with is the Discover God series.


Every disciple of Jesus Christ is encouraged to have a Daily Devotional Time by using the S.O.A.P.S. approach. Guidelines for your daily SOAPS are found in the file below.

PrayerMate app

Every disciple of Jesus Christ is encouraged to use the PrayerMate app for Android or iPhone. Guidelines for using PrayerMate are found in the file below.


Disciple Making Movements

Disciple Making Movement explained in 95 seconds

Disciple Making Movement explained in 5 minutes

Discipleship of the mind

Coram Deo Worldview Courses by the Disciple Nations Alliance

How should we then live, by Francis Schaeffer